Simple Systematic Solutions for Everyday Survival.

     Enhanced Defense is driven to teach fundamental easy to learn skills to the law abiding citizen, law enforcement, and security personnel in order to help them enhance not only their survivability but those around them. We live in a dynamic and violent world, the skills we teach are basic in nature and can be applied in critical environments such as; natural disaster, car crashes, terrorist attacks, active shooter events, mass casualties, etc.

We also evaluate and promote affordable quality gear that works. No Gucci gear and equipment here. Just durable gear that works for multiple applications

Whether you carry a gun or not, contact us for training in order to Enhance Your Survivability as well as your loved ones.  

Awareness, Medical, Self-Defense, Tactics, Rifle/Pistol Combatives

Feel free to contact us for any personal training packages.

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Enhanced Pistol/Rifle Tactics 2 day LE Only

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Law Enforcement Enhanced Pistol Combatives I $99